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Geneva Parents Students Community Staff
Geneva City System Test Coordinator

The System Test Coordinator's responsibilities with respect to the Student Assessment Program are as follows:

  1. Serves as the liaison between the LEA and the SDE. Coordinates all Student Assessment Program activities within the LEA.
  2. Maintains strict test security before, during, and after testing sessions.
  3. Attends SDE workshops related to the Student Assessment Program.
  4. Works closely with Building Test Coordinators to provide needed information and to coordinate procedures and schedules.
  5. Works with the System Special Education Coordinator, the System 504 Coordinator, the System ELL Coordinator, and the Principals on test administration for students of special populations.
  6. Submits to the SDE a request for any special accommodations.
  7. Conducts training for the Building Test Coordinators, System Special Education Coordinator, System 504 Coordinator, System ELL Coordinator, and Monitors.
  8. Conducts/supervises building-level training sessions for Principals, Test Administrators, and Proctors.
  9. Works with Principals and Building Test Coordinators to ensure that each testing location is suitable.
  10. Receives and accounts for all testing materials in the LEA.
  11. Ensures that testing materials have not been accessed by unauthorized personnel.
  12. Maintains inventory of secure testing materials.
  13. Assigns testing materials to each Building Test Coordinator and completes and signs the appropriate system-level distribution and collection form to account for materials distributed and collected.
  14. Distributes materials to and collects materials from the Building Test Coordinators ensuring all materials are accounted for whenever materials change hands.
  15. Coordinates monitoring of assessment schedules, procedures, and monitoring visits.
  16. Reports testing irregularities to the Superintendent and the SDE.
  17. Packages and returns used answer documents to the appropriate scoring center.
  18. Keeps on file the designation of Building Test Coordinators for each school.
  19. Keeps on file documentation of training activities including attendance records.
  20. Remains accessible to all system personnel during testing days to answer questions and address emergencies.
  21. Distributes test results in a timely manner to appropriate personnel within the LEA. Provides technical assistance regarding the Student Assessment Program to school personnel including test interpretation and utilization.

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